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In this eCommerce age, the majority of the stores are now going online. Apparently, since the eCommerce market is flourishing, its tools are in great traction. Whether you are an established online retailer or dropping your toe into the deep-sea of eCommerce for the first time, the overabundance of online shopping cart options can be daunting and be perplexing too.

Even though you narrow down the shopping cart list and comprise only open source shopping carts, you are still left with a few choices. To help you in choosing the suitable shopping cart, here we would be comparing three popular carts: Magento, BigCommerce, and Woocommerce.

In a market as saturated as the eCommerce platform market, it can be extremely complicated to figure out which shopping cart software best fulfills your needs. If you are planning to start your own store, then chances are that you have already run into this fight back at some point.

Flip through to know the perfect choice for your eCommerce business.


Magento is one of the most trusted eCommerce platforms for powerful online eCommerce businesses more than 240,000 and growing day to day. Magento with enterprise-level features and functionality makes sure the growth of your online business and its capacity to scale gives you total control on the online eCommerce business channel with effortlessness and flexibility.

Some Advantages of using Magento platform

  • Search engine optimisation efficacy

Magento gives huge importance to SEO and has enhanced function to enable your website to drive organic traffic. There is also scope for further SEO implementations to perk up SEO further.

  • Mobile friendly

With an increase in people shopping on mobile devices, this is to create any eCommerce website today. Magento’s responsive configuration is very significant to help easy online shopping.

  • Systems integration

For a lot of companies integrating their existing systems with their new eCommerce system is necessary. Magento again has integration at the core of it.

  • Excellent content management system

Magento presents an easy to use backend content management system that helps online store owners to operate their own stores day to day.

  • Upsell and cross-sell your products

This feature makes a massive impact on a business’s sales on their website if done accurately. This is the capability to impel customers to buy more depending on what they are buying or searching already.

  • Robust and large

Magento eCommerce can incredibly market hundreds of thousands of products in one web store and manage tens of thousands of orders in an hour.

  • Advanced filters

The online shopping experience proffers the facility of filtering by narrowing down your choices based on your choices. Magento has a great capability to facilitate this and make the shopping experience uncomplicated while on your website.

  • Extensions for eCommerce

Since Magento is one of the highly endorsed eCommerce platforms and open source too, a lot of developers all over the world are creating an extension to make it advanced. This gives you extraordinary scope to boost the capability of your online store eventually.


BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform acknowledged for its time effective assembly and is a very simple tool to convert your believed abstraction into an actual online store. It helps in combining the most common eCommerce features into one package.

These features are arranged in such a manner so that they fit into the fundamental requirements of an estore. It can be customized with the help of a developer to have an absolute professional appearance with vital functionality, which leads to an efficiently branded thriving online store.

Some Advantages of using BigCommerce platform

  • BigCommerce Next (BCN)

This is an upgraded version of the original shopping functionality. BCN is what makes the BigCommerce platform distant from its competitors. A few of the most crucial features introduced with BCN are blogging framework, integration with Google Trusted Stores, responsive themes that compatible across devices, enhanced BigCommerce App store and a Traffic Engine feature that supports the success of various marketing tasks.

  • Simple to Use

This is a very effortless to use platform with its understandable user interface that can simplify your everyday store tasks. This reveals that the company knows that everyone who runs the estore is a proficient in technology, so it has made BigCommerce unproblematic for anyone to use. It has an interactive UI that makes store setup a trouble-free process. Some of the user- friendly functions offered are ability to view entire inventory, automated returns, payment gateway integration, store statistics, study bestsellers and more.

  • Assortment of design templates

A wide range of free and premium (paid) store-front themes are provided in BigCommerce. These themes/templates can be personalized using HTML or CSS editors. It is also feasible to download and work on them in offline mode. Collaborating with a skilled Bigcommerce design and solution development company can support you set up a customized online store by integrating design templates that are best suited to your unique business requirements.

  • Large app store

BigCommerce comprises a large number of features that are already incorporated in the shopping cart. However, it is also possible to use third-party apps to include more functions to your online store. Via these apps, as a store-owner you can amplify your marketing activities, enhance customer service, track advertising, and add in a point of sale system (POS) in your brick-and-mortar shop.

  • Rapid & safe transactions

BigCommerce is a secure hosted shopping cart so hosting is a component of every package. As an eCommerce retailer, you don’t have to buy a separate hosting account. A quicker website provides a lot of benefits such as loyal customers, better sales, and an improved search engine ranking.


WooCommerce – a plugin for eCommerce  was launched in the year 2011 for WordPress. It has vertical growth as it offers shopping carts best and easy admin panels compared to other eCommerce solutions. If you want to set up an online retail store with least investments WooCommerce is the right platform.

  • Free of cost

WooCommerce is totally free to download, at present. However, in spite of being free and open-source, WooCommerce presents wide-ranging features, at the same time it is also extremely flexible, and has a vast array of additional extensions to do extremely well.

  • Great flexibility

WooCommerce has many benefits and one of the biggest benefits to eCommerce newcomers is that merchants who use this platform can utilize a plethora of flexibility with their products, without deep technical knowledge.
You can categorize products according to sale prices, independent attributes, and more. Additionally, WooCommerce stores are competent enough for selling downloadable, physical, virtual, and even affiliate products.

  • User-Friendly

WordPress is the widely popular CMS supporting over 51% top million websites and greatly helpful to several eCommerce startups. With WooCommerce being a WordPress plugin is perfect to build an online store that can save time, avoid confusion, and bolster creativity.

  • Vast customization options

WooCommerce has a lot of room to customize your online store to a level of exclusivity. At present, users can pick between 39 diverse WooCommerce enabled themes – a lot of which are free, via the WooThemes Store. Once you select a theme, you can then get to work on altering preset CSS styles and colour themes, changing the code and experimenting with the exceptional features which each theme proffers.

  • Analytics made easy

The built in analytics system makes a wide range of statistics see-through. Figures such as, sales by date, total sales, average order totals, individual customer statistics and more are all clearly presented through graphs, without leaving their admin panel. It’s that uncomplicated.

  • Apps galore

WooCommerce has the facility to facilitate any new online merchant set up, and run his business effortlessly and professionally. However, for those wanting for additional functionality, WooCommerce is the right choice. There are myriads of WooCommerce extensions available, some of which are free, and some of which are chargeable. The list of extensions includes applications relating to accounting, marketing, reporting, payment gateways, and more.

  • Variety of WooThemes

WooThemes have been around for a while, producing outstanding WordPress themes, extensions as well as plugins, counting WooCommerce. They have a fantastic track record of being reliable and very professional with both their products and support service. The WooThemes users also have the benefit of video tutorials, community forums, and more.


If you are planning to set up and run an eCommerce store, then you must identify your eCommerce store needs, objectives, target audience and more. Whether you are a small-mid or large online retailer, get in touch with an eCommerce specialist if you are not able to make a decision. However, every platform if fit for the level of business and your goals.

Magento is usually popular with medium and larger businesses who manage eCommerce sites to support clients. It’s a scalable option, so it’s perfect for those with big plans or an existing successful online store. However, you will require a big budget to set this type of store.

WooCommerce through WordPress is just the thing for smaller businesses and with minimal investment. It sells your products exponentially and as you grow, you can integrate many plugins available to offer a better experience for your customer.

Last, but not the least, BigCommerce is suitable for online hosted solution as it is tremendously good with SEO. One may not incur startup cost but going ahead high continuing costs may be applicable.

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